Epia – Event shopping mall

(epia) Mainstore, Marketplace, Flickr group, Facebook

Read all the informations below about the mall provided by the designer Verone Potez (C.E.O. of Every Pixel is Art)
Price 1950L$, Demo available inworld and on marketplace

(click picture for biggest resolution)

“Thank you for your interest in this product of Every Pixel is Art. The Shopping Event Mall consists of a total of 414 landimpact/prims, has a footprint of 88 x 26 meters, and comes with the following features:

♦ Rezzbox – Easily position you building by just rezzing the ”Rezz Box”, and moving it around. The building will follow.
♦ 27 stalls for possible shopping event participants. Each stall has 2 non-scripted doors (non-removable).
♦ Animated benches. – Comes with 5 single animations and 3 couple animations.
♦ Decorative billboards, plant pots and trashcans are all included (plants, however, are not).
♦ Building comes modify/copy.
♦ Shadow (Ambient Occlusion) maps of the building itself are included (not of the decor).

We hope you will enjoy this product, and if you have any questions, you can always contact me.

Verone Potez
C.E.O. of Every Pixel is Art

Modeling by Verone Potez, Deathcore Torok & Jarmade Spires. Texturing by Kavon Chrome & Waterfall Farshore.”

— Info by designer Verone Potez

I furnished the mall with
(epia) – Playground Fun (The Arcade Gacha)
(epia) – C6 Spinner Gacha MOD/COPY (FUNCTIONAL, pictures on the gacha are no actual prizes but random vendors from epia, you may add your own!)



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