Cause baby we were born to live fast and die young, born to be bad, have fun

Dark Style Fair opens tomorrow May 1st to June 1st, 2015
Theme: Dark, goth, trash, punk, grunge, edgy fashion
Slogan: Come to the Dark Style – We have cookies!




Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Alyx Skin [aida Ewing]
Hair: adoness : loki : teal (@ TDSF2) [Cruella Pennell]
Eyes: { Speakeasy } Chaos eyes (@ TDSF2) [JamesEdwardQ Resident]
Sunglasses: [ FAKESSI ] Ozzy Sunglasses – Trans – Badass (@ TDSF2) [wantanamo Resident]
Eyeliner: Veechi – Avril Liners (@ TDSF2) [Aiubrey Snoodle]
Earring: #adored – chained lightning earring – gunmetal – R (@ TDSF2) [Ampersand Artful]
Piercing on ear: [CX] Nailed It (Right – Group Gift) [Kamayari Resident]
Nose piercings: [CX] Menace Set (Arc & Septum) (@ TDSF2) [Kamayari Resident]
Bag: Creep – Damned Bag ( Male ) (@ TDSF2) [Misconc3ption Resident]
Necklace: .Things. – Thereisias Necklace* Black Black (@ TDSF2) [Nheria Resident]
Ring: #adored – eagle claw ring – gunmetal – R (@ TDSF2) [Ampersand Artful]
Cuff 1: SuPerBia Bullet Cuff – L (@ TDSF2) [ojeras Tolsen]
Cuff 2: SuPerBia Straps Cuff – R (@ TDSF2)
Top: V-Spot // Rogue Parka Black (@ TDSF2) [VerTig0 Sands]
Pants: UC_Denim_Jeans_Black_man (@ TDSF2) [unitedcolorsteam Resident]
Boots: [Deadwool] Patmos boots – black [Masa Plympton]
Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Bandit Tattoo (@ TDSF2) [JamesEdwardQ Resident]

Enhancements:  Mandala ears (kikunosuke Eel), TMP Deluxe Mesh Body- Hands [TheShops Resident]
Poses: {NR} NRage Gacha (@ TDSF2) [Foxx Pawpad]

22769 ~ [bauwerk] London Calling Chesterfield [Paco Pooley, Manuel Ormidale]
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Abbey Road End Table

floorplan. neon skull / white (@ Collabor88) [Tegan Serin]

{NR} NRage Caging Rage – RARE (@ TDSF2) [Foxx Pawpad]
Commons: Bed of Roses, Candelabra, Candles, Rug

Come speak to me, easy like hands on skin, easy like sky on earth

Skin: Clef de Peau:Jason:T4 (@ Men Only Monthly) [LaPenderiedeNicole Resident]
Facial hair: HERMONY / FACIAL HAIR / Stubble – Darker [Hermanni Laville]
Hair: little bones. Lava (@ Uber) [Nova Faerye]
Earring: MG – Earrings – Adele Boho Bib – E1 – L (@ Uber) [Maxi Gossamer]
Necklace 1: Meva Mens Leather Necklace (@ Men Only Monthly) [Mea Carnell]
Necklace 2: Izzie’s – Miami Neon Necklace white silver (@ Uber) [Izzie Button]
Shirt: ::GB:: Black shirt (@ Men Only Monthly) [Takuya Jinn]
Pants: uc_men_skinny_pants_stonewash (@ Men Only Monthly) [unitedcolorsteam Resident]
Boots: [Deadwool] Patmos boots – black [Masa Plympton]

Enhancements:  Mandala ears (kikunosuke Eel), TMP Deluxe Mesh Body- Hands [TheShops Resident], Slink feet [Siddean Munro]
Poses: pic 1: Kirin – Ground Sits [Carolina Sautereau], pic2: . Infiniti . – Chair (poses are originally included in a prop mesh chair) [Brandi Monroe] (Both poses @ PoseFair 2015)

ISON – Travelling Star set (@ TAG gacha) [Harry Hyx]
coffee table, curtain kit, fortune set, fortune teller table, fortune tent, hanging lamp, pillow set, rugs, table lanterns, wooden chair, wooden chest

tarte. throw pillows (in picture 1) (@ Shiny Shabby) [alixxbella Resident]
in blue, mixed, pink and red

You made me smile today, you spoke with many voices . We travelled miles today

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Alyx Skin (@ Skin fair 2015) [aida Ewing]
Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~* Jakob Non-Rigged Mesh – Dark Brown (@ N21)MAR  [TOmmy Fairplay]
Shirt: [ dynasty ] – Dublin Dress Shirt – Steel Blue (@ MWFW 2015) [KidDreamz Resident]
Pants: [ dynasty ] – London Jeans – Black (@ MWFW 2015) [KidDreamz Resident]
Suspenders: <kal rau> Chino Suspender [Kal Rau]
Shoes & socks: FATEstep – Paul Wingtips [Damien Fate]
Rings (Right hand): [CX] Basilisk Set (@ Kustom 9) [Kamayari Resident]
Bracelets (Left hand): [n.i]*ck. [JacksonManis Resident]
Bag: [Deadwool] Shawn working bag – brown (@ Uber) [Masa Plympton]
Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Divinity Tattoo FADED (TMP Applier shown) (@ Suicide Dollz) (JamesEdwardQ Resident)

Enhancements:  Mandala ears (kikunosuke Eel), TMP Deluxe Mesh Body- Hands, Feet (TheShops Resident)
Pose: Del May Pit Stop (hand variant)

(click pictures for a bigger size)

Scarlet Creative Amelie Mansion 2 RARE (@ The Arcade Gacha) [Charlotte Bartlett]

Kalopsia – Recycled Bed (Beige), Kalopsia – Lace Tapestry (@ Kustom 9) [Shawneese Offcourse]
Kalopsia – Cushion Pile (Warms)
[ARIA] Willa chipped dresser [Yelo Uriza]
junk. small lantern. gold., junk. feather mobile., junk. boho curtain. [Tab Tatham]
:CP: Lanai Milk Can (@ Uber) [Isla Gealach]
:CP: MapMe Antique Letters (50% off sale at Cheeky Pea mainstore) [Isla Gealach]
!! Follow US !! Happy Easter – gift MP1, !! Follow US !! Happy Easter – Bird nest (blue) COPY vers. BOX, !! Follow US !! Let’s have a good day Tray Gift, !! Follow US !! [Laurent83 Waco]
FATEstep – Wilson Moccasins (wearable, rezzed on the floor) [Damien Fate]

You can’t fly away electric bird, you fluttered round the yard making your magic

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Nicolas Non-Rigged Mesh
Outfit: SPIRIT – Ambra (clothes sold separately) (@ The Mens Dept)
Shoes: [Deadwool] Trauermarsch Boots – (black)
Glasses: Adjunct – Jack Readers (hunt item MOH – hunt ended)
Necklace: AITUI – Hammered Steel Necklace (gift for MOH5 – hunt ended)
Piercing: MONS / MESH – Septum Ring (style16) black
Bracelet: UNISEX[MANDALA]SANKARA_Bracelet set_Black
Stick: (xin.)Rhapsody’14 Merchandise // Cigarette Stick – / XIAJ / (old gift)
Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Wild Spirit Tattoo (TMP applier included)

Animated pose from Kuso,Oracul
Enhancements:  Mandala ears, TMP Deluxe Mesh Body

(click pictures for a bigger size)

(epia) – Zaanse Store

The Zaanse Store features the following:

♦ 5 different color of Dutch-themed Zaanse Store buildings. (Yellow, Green, Blue, Gray, and Red)
♦ Scripted front door, opens on collision (not by touch).
♦ Easy ladder climbing system without any scripts used. Just walk into the ladder!
♦ All 4 objects are easily movable with a rezzbox.
♦ Landimpact of 88 prims. Footprint size of 16 x 9 meters.
♦ High quality mesh- and texturework.
(info by designer Verone Potez)

Con.&floorplan. gilded bed / pearl
tarte. savannah chandelier – bronze
[ kunst ] & Abiss – Telescope / rusty (@ Uber)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Agathe Shelf,  22769 ~ [bauwerk] Agathe Side Table with Tray, 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Stored Pillows
Sari-Sari – Love is All You Need (for The Neighbourhood – Feb 7) (transferable version available to gift to your friends and lover, candle turns on/off)

8f8  Our Secret Hideout Meadow trees, bird spot, meadow soft spot, bird gift(gacha items)
~Alchemy~ Little Log pathway Gift<3
 inVerse Woods- big patch

(click pictures for a bigger size)


I fight for freedom, I fight for the right to choose our own fate

Hello folks,
The new round of Uber has started yesterday with a great new theme “Celestial” with a lil bit of sci-fi and cyber taste, which appeals and intrigues me very much. Also if you’re a fan of this genre you’ll be happy to know that Futurewave is coming very soon, I’ve been able to make it into the official bloggers group, so I’ll show you something as soon as i will be able to.

Speaking of Uber now please check the amazing designers and creations and all the informations you need on the official blog and of course teleport to the event!

(sorry for the long post and please click on the single pictures for a bigger size)

Hair: Lamb. Nothing – Ombre Pack
Coat: -David Heather-Funnel Coat/M/Grey (only available with hands in pocket) (@ Uber)
Pants: :::LP::: SuperSkinny_Jeans – Black
Boots: [Deadwool] Patmos boots – black
Wings and head accessory: ANE Cyber Accessories (rigged/unrigged and w/o glow) (@ Uber)
Lip piercing: (part of) – .HoD. – Torli’ai Piercing Set *VIP* gift (i foolishly forgot to wear the second part of the piercing, which i’ll show in the next post. Members MUST wear their tags, there are many other group only items (and a 75L gift card) out for grabs. The GiftCards can even be used, along with the member discount tag to get the LUST MESH Collection at an awesome discount!

Poses modified with Animare HUD by *  S O R G O – COREK Poses
Enhancements:  Mandala ears, TMP Free Mesh Body

Building: ANOID – Altrex Store (was released at Xiasumi school event but it’s now available at the mainstore)
Con.&floorplan. lazy sofa / black PG, [Con.] Nautical Star, floorplan. a comet in the night print, floorplan.&Con. industrial coffee table, [Con.] Woodcut Moon (it’s a wall decoration but i used it on the floor) (@ Uber)
junk. arche desk., junk. arche desk chair., junk. moon screen., junk. calipers & papers., junk. hanging moon light., junk. balance scales. (@ Uber)
xin. super-sl9000 + grey (gacha item)
Sway’s [Infinity] wall decor . Moon&Stars . silver (@ Uber)
[ kunst ] & Abiss – Telescope / chrome (@ Uber) [ kunst ] – Wine bottle / malbec – black cap (x6), [ kunst ] – Wine bottle holder / combined (x6)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Moon Lamp 22769 (projects an awesome light design on the surfaces in advanced lighting) ~ [bauwerk] Blue Vase, 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Scrolls, 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Stack of Books, 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Little Box.

Uber Celestial

It’s a big step, I’m gonna make it

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Chase (@ N21)
Bandage: [CX] Staple Gag (Leather Black)
Tattoo: {Speakeasy} Twisted Nights Tat
Pants: {EPIC} Skinny Jeans – Ripped – Black
Boots: [Deadwool] Patmos boots – black
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Owls~ Ocean Eye

Enhancements:  Mandala ears, Slink hands
Pose: Del may – Slobbin’ Male
Pictures made in Tierra De Fuego


Close your eyes and lose the feeling that’s been sinking

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Bennett Non-Rigged Mesh (@ The Mens Dept Dec. round)
Suit: *Shai* Men’s Slim Fit Suit (@ Uber)
Shoes: [Deadwool] Dippold shoes – black
Tattoo: {Speakeasy} Vintage Ink Tattoo (TUMF Christmas Edition)

Enhancements:  Mandala ears, Slink hands
Pose: Del May

Skybox: Trompe Loeil – Attic Skybox
[ARIA] Cindy book shelf, Cindy side table, Cindy ball chair (PG/Adult), Cindy potted Sansevieria (@ Uber)
tarte. twig lights, tarte. monochrome rug (@ Uber)
:CP: Bureau de Brioude Hanging Heart Planter, Guirlande de Brioude (@ Uber)
Kalopsia – Magazine Pile (Fall Edition) (@ Uber)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Decorative Balls, Wrapped Roses, Foxglove in vase