Doll keys

My faboulus sis Rossy Darwin agreed to blog with me again and we enjoyed it very much.Hope u will do 2, pics and stylecards below!



Skin: -Glam  Affair – Sofia skin – make up 2

Hair: !lamb. The Chills – Powder w/ Black Roots

Hat: [LeL.Ultra]-CYLINDER/pink hat (part of old group gift (no more available))

Ears: :GAUGED: Elven Ears[Emotions]


Shoes: amaama+boots 001

Socks: Pig – Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Black Sock

Doll key: .: WEiRD.DESiGNS :. Star Doll Key – Rotation

poses: DiscordOracul


Skin: *DEN-DOU Halloween* Scarface(A) skin (no more available)
Hair: Aitui – Hair – Blindside w/headband – Dark Brown Highlighted
Hat: *FIR* Ringleader Top Hat
Pencils: Reek – Ear/Nose Pencils
Ears: << Discord >> elf ear L&R [ click color change ]
Vest: *FIR* Relaxed Vest White
Pants: [LeLutka]-ARPAD pants/black
Shoes: UBU Sneakers PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2
Pendant: Flavor! Designs~ Ritual ~ Cross
Bunny: ANA_HelpMe Bunneh
Doll key: >>BD>> Simple Doll Key in Silver
photo made @ Utopia

Naith Smit design

Hello friends!NSD has a new home: Heartless City! A fantastic sim where you ‘ ll find most of the important Second life fashion brands..Also there is something new at Nait Smit design!Well… here pics and stylecards!

xoxo’s Alex

Naith Smit design Mainstore

Naith Smit design official blog

Skin: .:Hermony:. Kriz ST1 – Soulpatch

Cap: :sey W WATCH CAP -B+S-[ONLY CAP]=textures/Resize script//C

Shirt: (NS) Sling Neck Jumper Blak 4

Pants: *aN-M* Skinnypants_black

Shoes: Kalnins Footwear – SlipOnsKalnins Footwear – SlipOns

Skin: *DEN-DOU Boys* Jiro -Bronz- /01 Clean

Hair: MHOH2 # 51 Beauty Salon Cri-Cri

Jacket: (NS) Rock’n’Rolla Jacket gray

Shirt: Emery – Tank Top Black #9

Pants: Zaara : Classic jeans for men *moss*

Shoes: Kalnins Sneakers – RoadBlazers Pastels

Skin: *DEN-DOU Boys* Jiro -Bronz- /01 Clean

Hair: “FA”Trick Master[Gloomy Brown]

Shirt: (NS) Cozy Cowl Neck green 1

Pants: [CALYPSO GIANO] JEANS – Street Style – ROCK ME – F2

Shoes: UBU Drunks


Here something new from BOOM too!:

*BOOM* Wei Shorts

(Shhh… they’re  designed for women but it fits male shape pretty good!)

Skin: LaVie Mark Full Beard Pale_tattoo by Shina Shan (Group gift)

Hair: .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ ERIC ~ DB III

Bracelet: (NS) Rock’n’Rolla Strapped


And I’m here again to introduce a new brand i discovered in our metaworld: Poison

Sexy and well textured pants and Jackets,my friends helped me with this post 🙂

we’re also using a  studio from Glitterati ..a new prop studio with a lot of poses for men and women!


Skin: .:Hermony:. Kriz ST3 – Chinstrap

Hair: Bryce Designs – Greedy Pack – Champ B

Jacket: >>>Poison<<< Blue jeans_jacket_male

Ears: << Discord >> elf ear L&R [ click color change ]

Me wearing:

Skin: .:Hermony:. Kriz ST3 – Chinstrap

Hair: * a.C – STD.GloXhair ZioN cool tones

Jacket: >>>Poison<<< Grunge skull_shirt_black

Pants: >>>Poison<<< Dark jeans

Shoes: UBU Sneakers PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2

Gloves: [ Cynful ] Gloves Skull Black

Ears: << Discord >> elf ear L&R [ click color change ]

Alexiaa wearing:

Skin : [LeLutka]-IFEpale-makeup3

Hair:  Maitreya Dylan – Natural Blond

Jacket:  >>>Poison<<< Grunge skull_shirt_Woman

Dress: *elymode* -shorties jumper – light purple

Boots: J’s Long Boots Round (Black)

Ears: << Discord >> elf ear L&R [ click color change ]

Each pants is available in 2 versions (High/low wasted)

Cobra wears:

Skin:*DEN-DOU Boys* Ichiro -Dark- /06 Eyeliner Clean

Hair: Uw.St Al-Hair  Black

Jacket: >>>Poison<<< Grunge skull_shirt_black

Pants: >>>Poison<<< Dark jeans

Boots: (WMD)ROT Test Boots Multicolour

Gloves: SiniStyle “ManHandled”

>>>Poison<<< Black leopard jeans

>>>Poison<<< Dos70 jeans (Gift on Midnight Mania)

CSO fashion


From left:

Cobra wears:

Skin: *DEN-DOU Boys* Jiro -Dark- /09 Eyeliner Goatee2

Hair: Uw.St Hibiki&Ibuki-Hair  cool black

Shirt: CsO sexy light bue

Pants: *Connors* Vintage Jeans Black for Men’s

Waist Jacket: *Fishy Strawberry* Waist Jacket

Shoes: ROT Test Boots Multicolour

Tatoo: .rojo. Oldschool Swinger Tattoo!


Gas wears:

Skin: <TheAbyss> [ SKIN ][ Adam Crius_Deep Tan ][ Chin Beard ]

Hair: Gritty Kitty: BLACK Hoke-Troika

Shirt: CsO Coste blue

Pants: *Muism* VSL damaged jeans/Washed

Shoes: SOREAL Superstars WHITE/Black (SSP002)

Gabry wears:

Skin: SOUL Egyptian Male skin

Hair: Uw.St Jin-Hair03

Shirt: CsO Eyes Green

Pants: DMC lost jean X

Shoes: SOREAL Superstars BLACK/White (SSP003)

Gloves: Redgrave biker Gloves + straps

Using GLITTERATI. – Sci-fi hallway studio

CsO Mainstore


Hello guys finally i’m here to introduce CheerNo’s lateest releases!

In October CheerNo Destiny released his fall line titled “Montage”.  And today 13th October has released his new collection “Deuil”! Here are some of the pieces of these beautiful collections:


Outfit: CheerNo Montage   – Retrage (includes Shirt w collar and yellow sleeve,jeans with sculpty parts eyeglasses and a basket full of toy bricks!).Montage as the word says means a “composition” that combines Legos, cotton candy, lollipops and hats, with bright vibrant yellows, greens, purples and blues.

skin: *DEN-DOU Boys* Jiro -Bronz- /01 Clean

hair: CheerNo.HairDesing –  FANDORE GOLDENS


Outfit: CheerNo.Deuil – Breack . This urban mix includes a deep grey wool blazer, a matching black undershirt with sculpted rolled up shirt sleeves complete with the elegant black tie.

skin: [ATOMIC] MSkin_VIP_Tan (no more available)

hair: CriCri-mHat03-MHOH (from Make Him Over Hunt # 51)

Deuil means Mourning in French. And much like a funeral this line is far more serious, somber and darker than previous lines.


Also wearing Kalnins Footwear – Terra  … one of the latest releases from Kalnins fashion!

11 colors all included – resize script – toggle Glow/Shininess on/off


outfit: CheerNo.Deuil – Blesser …a classical college style light grey wool jacket is worn over a white shirt with black tie and sculpted rolled up sleeves completed by the trendy shiny slack half pants and grey wool socksv and an eye catching sculpted sparkling gemstone eye piece that won’t go unnoticed.

skin: [ATOMIC] MSkin_VIP_Tan (no more available)

hair: CheerNo.HairDesing –  FRAY GOLDENS

shoes: [*RG*] Athlete Sneakers -Black/Grey-

Hope you’ll enjoy this new review! Run to CheerNo★HOMME.Couture mainstore:

Official blog:

Red end


Skin: *DEN-DOU Boys* Jiro -Bronz- /01 Clean

Hair: Exile Rebel sand

Jacket: -END- knit hoodie red

Shirt: Luck Inc. – Stylah Tee Green 4

Pants: AMERIE M – Loose pants_Blue

Shoes: Kalnins Sneakers – Dinamika

Eyeglasses: *Rawdolls* Retro Junkie Aviators

Shoes: Kalnins Sneakers – Dinamika

Shininess on/off  – select color presets or change color to an individual part of the shoe – resize – toggle walk sound on/off and adjust the volume – invisiprim on/off

ANA Mations Cane AO


* 5 animate stands

* 1 Sit animation

* Left/Right turns

* 1 Walk/Hover/ Jump

* 1 Copyable Cane included

* ZHAO 2 Interface

* Mod/Copy/No transf

Come try it to ANA_Mation! You won’t regret !

Official Blog:



Skin: *DEN-DOU Halloween* Scarface(A) skin

Hair: Gritty Kitty: BLACK Hoke-Troika

Hat: Illusions *~*”Humphrey” Fedora Hat

Shirt: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Loose shirt white

Pants: *Armidi {Gisaci} Ruvido Slacks – Carbone

Shoes: Kalnins Footwear – Milestone

Chain: *REDGRAVE* Necklace Japanese-Pendant M -silver-

Gloves: *Beauty Avatar Couture* KASSANDRA White – Gloves (part of KASSANDRA outfit)