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Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Alyx Skin [aida Ewing]
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Vincent Non-Rigged Mesh (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival) [TOmmy Fairplay]
Eyes: [Buzz] Elysium Eyes – Winter [Eleri Catlyn]
Face Piercing: – .HoD. – Venomous – Slide [Aydan Darcy]
Top: AMITOMO.Denim vest +T-shirt (@ The Mens Dept)  [woomi Latte]
Shorts: [PR] Casual Bermuda Shorts [vcdjs2000 Rae]
Sandals: ..::ILLI::.. MeshProject Khronoz Sandal (@ Cosmopolitan) [equitum Resident]
Necklace: LUXE. Ekstrax Necklace Rosegold [Jaycee Dover]
Cigarette: Rhapsody’14 Merchandise // Cigarette Stick – / XIAJ / [Anya Ohmai, superjaix Resident] (old group git)
Rings: [CX] Basilisk Rings R [Kamayari Resident]
Nipples Piercings: [CX] Carnal Rings (@ ROMP) (Black)
Ear piercing 1: [CX] Nailed It (Right)
Ear Piercing 2: [CX] Twisted Puncture L (@ On9) (Gold)
Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Entities Tat FADED [JamesEdwardQ Resident]

Enhancements:  Mandala ears (kikunosuke Eel), TMP Deluxe Mesh Body- Hands (TheShops Resident)
Poses: Del May (edited with Animare HUD)

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Scarlet Creative Arialle Converted Loft (@ 6° Republic) [Charlotte Bartlett]
{theosophy} Blaenavon Couch (Earth/Cream) (@ 6° Republic) [Trace Osterham]
Ariskea [Astronome] The Frame Maps (@ 6° Republic) [Diaxm Resident]
[NO CONCEPT] industrial TV board, industrial pipe rack, vintage desk lamp (@ 6° Republic) [arinco Resident]
=Eli Baily= Bletchley Typewriter_Grey (@ 6° Republic) [ShuteDeLory Resident]
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wood Rug, Tree Table,Travel Table Books, World Map, African Floor Vases, Knitted Bean Bag with drape (@ HomeShow2015) [Paco Pooley, Manuel Ormidale]
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Cigar Lounge Ashtray, Box of Cigars

– Industrial bed, Industrial hanging lights, Industrial Seat, Industrial standing lamp, Industrial propellor coffeetable, Industrial wineholder (@ 6° Republic) [Deathrowdesigns Resident]

* SORGO – Old Phone / WOOD (@ 6° Republic) [Arscene Dubrovna]

Sari-Sari – Industrial Shelf Desk (@ 6° Republic) [stupidmonkey Resident]

tarte. patio pallet sofa, patio pallet chair, patio pallet coffee table, garden tree (@ 6° Republic) [alixxbella Resident]
Apple Fall Lemon Whip Drizzle Cake, Apple Fall Lemonade Bucket (Click to Vend) (May Group Gifts) [warehousefifteendesigns Resident]
[Brixley] vintage milk crate (@ 6° Republic) [Isabelle Requiem]
Little Branch LB_AppleTree*, Daisy, Orange, Pink, White Field (round field included) (@ 6° Republic) [Cari McKeenan]
22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Little Village Well, Stone Bench,  The Little Well –  Iron Lantern, Wooden Lamp (@ We ) [Paco Pooley, Manuel Ormidale]

8f8 – Dreamer’s Box – Dreamer’s Container (outside texture change, container walls can be set as invisible, doors open/close), Dreamer’s Bed, Dandelion Lights, Flock of Lights (@ 6° Republic) [8f8 Resident]
[Brixley] industrial wall shelf, industrial coffee table, studded frame, studded frame blank (add your own photo) (@ 6th Republic) [Isabelle Requiem]
* SORGO – Old Books / C, Old Calculator / WOOD (@ 6° Republic) [Arscene Dubrovna]
.:revival:. bell jar, linen lanterns II white (@ 6° Republic) [Momentous Resident]
Wonton: Rotary Telephone / Blak+Gold (@ 6° Republic) [ExplicitFame Resident]
Soy. Airport runway light [blue-L], Soy. Aircraft propeller ceiling fan [silver] nospin (@ 6° Republic) [Soyoy Resident]

Xiasumi Sakura Delices

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Alyx Skin (@ Skin fair 2015) [aida Ewing]
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* (Rayburn)Mens – Light Red (@ Seasons Story)  [TOmmy Fairplay]
Face band: .:^AY^:.Kabuki Sukeroku (Dark Orange) (@ Xiasumi) [Merurun Resident]
Apron outfit: * SORGO – Kebab Outfit / RED (@ Xiasumi) [Arscene Dubrovna]
Pants: [VALE KOER] APEX DENIM M WHITE (@ The Mens Dept) [Bob Resident]
Earring: [CX] Ferall Spikes Silver (@ The 100 Block) [Kamayari Resident]
Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Cursive Tattoo (@ AnyBODY) [JamesEdwardQ Resident]

Enhancements:  Mandala ears (kikunosuke Eel), TMP Deluxe Mesh Body- Hands, Feet (TheShops Resident)
Poses: DreamPrint – Blogging Two [Ashlie Coba] @ PoseFair 2015 (@ Pose Fair 2015, 2:00PM April 11th! LM will be revealed soon)

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These tattoos and more not shown in the images are from { Speakeasy } [JamesEdwardQ Resident] and will be available at TAG Gacha,  event opens the 17th of april, LM is not available yet so please stay tuned!
Brief: DUFAUX – TMP brief no1 – print – city [Luca1984 Resident]

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Kalopsia – Sakura Delice gacha [Isabeau Baragula] (@ Xiasumi)
Shop RARE, Cash Register, Cherry Pudding, Chiffon cake, 3 Counters, Eclair, Green Tea Ice Cream, Kasutera, Lanterns, Lemonade bottles, Mochi Cake, Monaka, Painting RARE, Sakuramochi, 3 Secrets, Sponge Cake

{Imeka} [NatiWilliams Resident] (@ Xiasumi)
Dessert Sushi, Bento Lunch Box, Sweet Bento, Wagashi, Nerikiri Pink flower

*katat0nik* (cyan & purple) Hungry Bunny Doll [Katat0nik Pidgeon] (@ Xiasumi)
+Pepper+   Sakura Overhang, Sakura Lounger,  Sakura Coffee Table [Arriane Ethaniel] (@ Xiasumi)

*Tentacio* cooking class (@ Xiasumi)
bread bag, dango homework, donnut bag, fried banana homework, macarons homework, pancake homework, recipes notebook, Study day, use toaster [May Tolsen]

[NO CONCEPT] alphabet wood plate [arinco Resident] (@ Xiasumi)
xin. chochin, gohei [superjaix Resident]

LB_BirdFlower_v2{With Flowers Menu}, LB_BirdFlower_v1{With Flowers Menu} (@ Cosmopolitan) [Cari McKeenan]

Xiasumi School Art Club

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Alyx Skin (@ Skin fair 2015) [aida Ewing]
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Carter Non-Rigged Mesh Dark Browns [TOmmy Fairplay]
Antlers: +Half-Deer+ Artist’s Antlers – Natural (@ Xiasumi) [Halogen Magic]
Ear brush and on hand: Noodles – Artiste Palette Pastel Brush (@ Xiasumi) [Natalee Oodles]
images on left cheek: .:(( :p )):. peta peta PURIKURA gift (@ Xiasumi) (change images with your own photos) [pnknkitin Resident]
ID Necklace: :Moon Amore: Clubs ID! (@ Xiasumi) [PsyQueen Resident]
Camera: Rasp-Hip Vintage Camera w/strap-5 (@ Xiasumi) [Mikel Monk]
Apron: 02 .: vive atelier :. Artists Apron – RARE (@ Xiasumi) [Sanya Bilavio]
Shorts: [PR] Casual Bermuda Shorts (@ Cosmopolitan) [vcdjs2000 Rae]
Shoes: ..::ILLI::.. Chris Canvas Slip-Ons (on TMP feet) [equitum Resident]

Skybox: 01 .: vive atelier :. Artists Studio Skybox – RARE (w/o scenary) (@ Xiasumi) [Sanya Bilavio]
 – Canvas Stack, * SORGO – Easle (w/canvas) RARE, * SORGO – Table, * SORGO – Brush Box, * SORGO – Acrylic Tubes RARE, * SORGO – Water Cup (@ Xiasumi) [Arscene Dubrovna]
05 .: vive atelier :. Artists Easel w/ Canvas, 07 .: vive atelier :. Artists Jumbo Covered Canvas (@ Xiasumi) [Sanya Bilavio]
-ATTIC- Big Bulb Standing Lamp Red, Blue (@ Xiasumi) [Citta Wiskee]

Sari-Sari – Art Class – Acrylic Paint,  Art Class – Watercolor RARE, Sakura Notebook RARE, Colored Pencils, DIY Spray Paint, Modeling Clay (@ Xiasumi) [stupidmonkey Resident]
04 .: vive atelier :. Artists Box of Paint Tubes, 08 .: vive atelier :. Artists Paint Brush Jar, 13 .: vive atelier :. Artists Work Table (@ Xiasumi) [Sanya Bilavio]

<:*BoOgErS*:> Solar System Desk Display, Volcano Project Display Board, Volcano 3D Sculpture Project, Potato Circuit Clock (@ Xiasumi) [Zen Zarco]
* SORGO –  Sketchbook (B) (@ Xiasumi) [Arscene Dubrovna]
[NO CONCEPT] wooden ball chair1 (gacha item) (@ Xiasumi) [arinco Resident]
13 .: vive atelier :. Artists Work Table (@ Xiasumi) [Sanya Bilavio]

Fancy Decor: Workbench, Wire Stool, Non-Slip Mat, Film Enlarger, Drying Rack (use your own photos), Photo Paper Stack, Film Canisters, Film Strips, Tray 4, Photo Chemicals,  Darkroom Light (red light turns on/off) (@ Xiasumi) [Jake Vordun]
*A*CameraGacha Shelf CameraComplete (Rez)Li7RARE, *A*CameraGacha ClockShelf LightBrown (Rez) Li2Copy (@ Xiasumi) [gaagaa Short]
{iD}CrAfT_CaMeRa (ORANGE), {iD}FiLm ShElF-01 (@ Xiasumi) [HAZ Starship]
[Cosmic Dust] – Stack of Polaroids, Vintage SLR Camera RARE, Memories Photo Book, I Shoot People Mug, Flash Photography Mug (@ Xiasumi) [bodytothestars Resident]
DDD_Drying film_Triple(Long) (@ Xiasumi) [Tuki Loon]

[NO CONCEPT] wooden low stool1, wooden tree cherry, wooden tree, wooden pendant lamp,  wooden clock (gacha items) (@ Xiasumi) [arinco Resident]
Soy. Reed organ [brown] with stool and scattered music scores (@ Xiasumi) [Soyoy Resident]
// SEUL \\ – Portabae System – Onyx – RARE, Cup O Ramen – Kawaii Soup, Kosmic Kitty Bubble Tea, Mag Stack, Cocky Biscuits – Strawberry (@ Xiasumi) [Vo Pralou]
22769~[bauwerk] Vintage Amplifier, Vintage Headphones (Decoration), Vintage Microphone (@ Xiasumi) [Paco Pooley]