Skin reviews

Vaya Con Dios – Yin and Yang

Yin and yang are 2 special versions of this skin,the complementary opposites

Choose your side at the mainstore

Vaya Con Dios

Hair from Colors

Horns: Trap Obsidian Crown

Necklace: [MANDALA] EKOU NECKLACE/kudoku silver

Poses: Diesel Works


Vaya Con Dios – Rafael skin

Rafael is now inworld brought by the awesome LuLu Jameson!

Mainstore: Vaya Con Dios

A very handsome guy with detailed body muscles

It comes in 6 tones and different facial hair

w/o hairbases

Also 5 shapes and more options of hair ,eyebrows,face tats

are available at the mainstore

go grab a demo .. you won’t regret it!

I’m also wearing hair from Shag and Dura

and Sorry Asia (store closed) facial hair in 1st pic

Poses: Diesel Works

*Zanzo* Hyperion skins

“Hyperion” is a beautiful skin set aimed at younger males from around the late teens to latter 20s age group.

In 4 tones, there are 10 diverse face options from youthful freckles to facial hair.

Each skin has various options for brows and body hair plus two free hairbases.

Of course there are demos available and 8 fully optimized shapes for the range

info by designer: Theodore DuCasse

LM To Zanzo
and marketplace link

– *Zanzo* Hyperion ~ Alexander (Stubble II, Lt. Eyebrows) v1
– *Zanzo* Hyperion ~ Lysander (Freckles, Dk. Eyebrows) v2
– *Zanzo* Hyperion ~ Theon (Toothy, Dk. Eyebrows) v2
– *Zanzo* Hyperion ~ Zeno (Mutton Chops, Dk. Eyebrows) v2

Hair from Shag and Dura

eep – new skin

eep . 001 . is a new line skin provided by eep (designer of the old “The GL” ,my favorite store when I first came in Second life!)

the skin comes in 5 tones: pale,fair,light tan,tan and dark.

5 facial hair: clean,goatee,beard,soul,goatee and stubble.         (w/o hairbase)

Give it a check!

 Landmark to eep


Hair: *Dura* &[LANEBO] Collabo G-gift(DBxST) (hunt item)

-check texture below for hunt info-

Hair: **Dura-Boy**27 FAT

Hairbase: Plume – Express Yourself – Elegance pack


Dura and Lanevo special hunt

10/06/11 – 10/31/11

6 x Hair
6 x MASK / Total item 12




Sorry Asia news

Sorry Asia Mainstore

on him:

SORRY.ASIA grab time ALAN (update) + eyes   – only 300L$
Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*22(Dark Brown)
Pants: [NSD] Chinos/Black
Necklace: * (NS) Rosary Chain

pose: Diesel Works 

on her:

Chic Boutique -SORRY.ASIA- GAITANA + make up booster   – only 90L$

Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*24(Blonde)
Shirt: Koketka-VINTAGE MICKEY  T-shirt
Necklace: {*I ❤ FashiOn*} Butterfly Necklace

pose:hate me and eat me

LOTD 10/20

Wearing new stuff, dollarbies,gacha and hunt items 😀 …

Skin: JM:Mai skin_Jay T smoky2 (NEW!)

Hair: Dura-boy11(Crowshead) (NEW!)

Jacket: *COCO*_Shirt&Parka_CheckRed (gift) (NEW!)


Pants: Doppelganger Inc. – Cuffed Cords – Brown

Boots: Engineer Boots (TEA HUNT+KiiToS!!+ 1/2) 1L$

Legwarmers: tram knit leg warmers(limited color red) (TEA HUNTtram) 1L$

Scarf: Adjunct – Neckerchief – Large Checks (49L Sale for Dudes)

Glasses: *Bellies* SuperStar Shades

Mouth accessory: *+N3F+* Camera Diana Pink Mouth (Gacha 20L$)

Bag: (TokiD) chai tea bag (TEA HUNTtokidoki)

Nose cherryblossom: duboo.cherryblossom (nose) TEA HUNTduboo

pose: (marukin) triple tea / for TEA HUNT

pic made @ deviousMind


Also wearing a new male skin from JM:Mai

JM:Mai – Main store

JM:Mai – Flickr


– 4 tones each one with facial hair (w/o hair)

-facial tattoos (not included in skin packs)

Showing here 2 tones:

(more posts coming soon)