I was left wandering in a dark paradise

Hair: [taketomi]_Kenji_Balayage (untied)
Collar, bracers and belt: Eudora3D StormWind set black (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Pants: VRSION – Rival 6.0 Male Pants [FITTED MESH] Black Metallic (@ Futurewave)
Boots: Eudora 3D Quatermain Boots (@ The Mens Dept)
Face tattoo and accessory: Spyralle Sensory Enhancement Module Perle, Astra Tattoo Grey (@ Futurewave)
Mask: BluPrintz – Tech Spaces – AI (@ Futurewave)

Poses: 1st pic {Rook} Galaxian 3 (@ Futurewave)
2nd pic Del May – Wisp
Enhancements:  Mandala ears, TMP Deluxe Mesh Body, Hands
Pictures made in INSPIRE SPACE Park, Shinda


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