Skin: HERMONY  / SKIN / SYMON / ST0 (@ The Mens Dept)
Hair: [taketomi]_Kenji_Balayage (untied)
Eyes: Clem’s  Tender Ice Blue (@ Xiasumi School)
Hood: C L A Vv. A Monk Blanket Hood Maroon (@ Xiasumi School)
Pants: . potcha & 2 byte . basic crop pants (originalBK)
Shoes: Eudora 3D Factory Low Tops (@ The Mens Dept)

Decor (@ Xiasumi School)
floorplan. pallet wall
floorplan. vintage microphone
floorplan. scattered sheet music
Sari-Sari – Brezel&Wurst Cart
Sari-Sari – IV Stand Lamp
-David Heather-Guitare Case/Decor/Sand
tarte. plate of pocky (strawberry)
tarte. jar of pocky (chocolate)
+Half-Deer+ Lovely Things Shelf – Light
+Half-Deer+ Minimalist Fox – Pastel Orange
*MishMish* Mochiboo – Deco Extra
Lark – Antique Map Chandelier
Alchemist ButterflyFractalGold(Wear&Rez)LI1Copy
.:~*Alchemist*~Fallen leaves01

Leaves with pose: Bauhaus Movement – Leaves & Bokeh 1 (gacha) (@ Xiasumi School)



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