Some delicacies for your soul

Skin: HERMONY  / SKIN / SYMON / ST0 (@ The Mens Dept)
Hair: [Due] Sam – Vitamin pack (@ Xiasumi School)
Outfit: * S O R G O – ButlerOutfit (@ Xiasumi School)
Shoes: [Deadwool] Dippold shoes – black
Collar: Clem‘s Black and Blood splattered Collar (@ Xiasumi School)
Mask: LUXE. – Skull Mask Blanc (@ Xiasumi School)
Ear accessory: [CX] Aural Penetration & Steel Goatie (Black) (@ Uber event)
Ring: LUXE. – Skull Ring Blanc (animated) (@ Xiasumi School)
Piercing: MONS / MESH – Septum Ring (style16) black
Fingerclaw: DrD Dark Iron fingerclaws unisex
Doll in hand: {Imeka} Boy onigiri bento (@ Xiasumi School)
Ghost companion:-FAUN- Pac Ghost -Adam (Gacha item) (@ Xiasumi School)

Furniture & Decor:
Skybox: :HAIKEI: School Gacha / Classroom Skybox {RARE} (@ Xiasumi School)

Tables: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Coffee House Table

Delicacies: 8f8: 02 – 8f8 – Rising Sun Delicates – Taro with Kuro Goma, 03 – 8f8 – Rising Sun Delicates – Wakame Miso-Shiru RARE, 01 – 8f8 – Rising Sun Delicates – Kyuri Cups, 06 – 8f8 – Rising Sun Delicates – Umeboshi Onigiri
Imeka: {Imeka} Yummy Halloween Bento, {Imeka} Girl Onigiri Rice Balls Kyaraben Bento
<:*BoOgErS*:> Lunch Box Decor Blue (@ Xiasumi School)
-David Heather-: -David Heather-Char Burger Box RARE, -David Heather-Char Fries, -David Heather-Char Cup, -David Heather-Char Cupcake 2 Tier Tray RARE, -David Heather-Croissant Tray, -David Heather-ColaTray, -David Heather-DH Soda/Silver/Decor (@ Xiasumi School)

Soy. Folding pipe chair set, Soy. Fluorescent light , Soy. 6Lockers set (@ Xiasumi School)
Sari-Sari – IV Stand Lamp (@ Xiasumi School)

In the lockers:
Lark – Kokeshi Doll – Kaori (boxed), Lark – Kokeshi Doll – Emiko (boxed), +Half-Deer+ Minimalist Fox – Orange, *MishMish* Mochiboo – Deco Extra, /// offbeat /// my secret closet hanger, /// offbeat /// my secret closet  youthful hanger rezz rare*, *N*ICHIMATSU NINGYOU AMEDAMA  CASE LINKED, :::LP::: Homework_Binder – Blue&Yellow, :::LP::: Math Book, :::LP::: History Book, :::LP::: Writing Pen – Decor, <:*BoOgErS*:> Lunch Box Wear Blue (@ Xiasumi School)



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