Picture this

Thank you very much Aℓєχ Jαкє Sαhαгα-Kηίghţ (alexamnell)Sαяαн Iѕαн Иσвℓє (stellinaa) and Justin (ksjusha.lavendel) for the collaboration! Please check their blogs or flickr , they all are amazing.

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(note that the drawings in the pictures are made with Photoshop, the inworld chalk is made of prims)

‘Picture This’ is the new Chalkboard Game board from “Ever Pixel is Art”
It  comes with the following features:

♦ Fully playable drawing & word guessing game.
♦ Multiple difficulty modes for the world lists, all editable. (Hit the ‘mode’ button to select notecard.)
♦ 3 brush sizes, and 10 brush colors.
♦ 2 Skins included: Both a green and black chalkboard.
♦ Ability to add in your own word-lists!
♦ High quality mesh- and texture work. Land Impact of only 5.

How to play?
This game requires at least 2 players. To be given a word, simply touch the “play” button on the right, and you may start drawing. Other people will have to guess the word while you draw it.

*ATTENTION: Keep in mind that the prims are temporary and will disappear after a short time period, thus you are encouraged to draw quickly.

To guess the right word, people have to type their guesses in local chat. Once they get it correct they will be given a point and the score is displayed in floating text above the board. For example, if one is drawing something what looks like an airplane, you could type ‘airplane’, ‘plane’, or ‘aircraft’ in local chat and one of those guesses should get you your point! When you get a point for guessing the right word, the drawer also gets a point for successfully drawing his/her word.

Every turn someone else should draw for equal opportunities to win the game. The person who reaches 10 points first, wins the game round! You can play as many game rounds as you like.

* To clean the board and remove all drawing prims from it, touch the eraser on the right bottom of the chalkboard.
How to add in your own personal word-lists?
Create a notecard, name it, and type each word on a separate line. For an example, you are advised to look into the existing note-card inside the contents of the chalkboard. – After you have finished your own word-list notecard, simply drag it into that same contents tab of your board. Then, to select your list for playing, left-click the ‘mode’ button and select your notecard from the dialog menu!

(Info by designer Verone Potez)

I’m also wearing
Skin: [KOOQLA] ~Knight~ 02
Hat: (epia) – ‘Flash Beer’ Drinking Hat (@ The Mens Dept)
Backpack: (epia) – Turtle Backpack (@ The Mens Dept)
Shirt: / XIAJ / Laced Tee + dull
Pants: not so bad . mesh . EDWIN jeans . green (@ The Mens Dept)
Cat: . aisling . NINO Sand (Gacha item @ The Arcade)



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