Titles and badges don’t make me a brave

Skin: **THESKINSHOP (21) (SKIN) ‘Yves’ (Athletic)
Hat: (epia) – Commando Beret
Goggles: Eudora 3D Eyes of the TechnoMancer Mask Black (@ We  Role-Play)
Vest: (epia) – Tactical Combat Vest
Pants: [Deadwool] Joad pants – camo (@ the Mens Dept.)
Boots: Eudora3D Hunter Boots Mono Edition
Sash: RO – Paragon Sash – Classic Camo – Bag
Belt: DRD male utility belt dark leather (@ We  Role-Play)
Armband: (epia) – Symbol Armband GROUPGIFT
Tattoo: [K] farcry tattoo unisex
Weapon: Antifa Style – AK-47 nasty bullet McLaren 1 (free on mp)
Face tattoo: made by myself

Poses: made by myself
Pictures made in Rock Ridge, FTA, The Great Fissure


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