*Zanzo* Hyperion skins

“Hyperion” is a beautiful skin set aimed at younger males from around the late teens to latter 20s age group.

In 4 tones, there are 10 diverse face options from youthful freckles to facial hair.

Each skin has various options for brows and body hair plus two free hairbases.

Of course there are demos available and 8 fully optimized shapes for the range

info by designer: Theodore DuCasse

LM To Zanzo
and marketplace link

– *Zanzo* Hyperion ~ Alexander (Stubble II, Lt. Eyebrows) v1
– *Zanzo* Hyperion ~ Lysander (Freckles, Dk. Eyebrows) v2
– *Zanzo* Hyperion ~ Theon (Toothy, Dk. Eyebrows) v2
– *Zanzo* Hyperion ~ Zeno (Mutton Chops, Dk. Eyebrows) v2

Hair from Shag and Dura


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