Mayden couture

Hey sexy people! I’m here to show you somethin new I got from Mayden couture!

Mayka Koray is a very kind person and asked me to review some of her stuff!

OK..I won’t waste our time talking  so here the pics and stylecards!

Mayden Couture Blog:
Mayden Couture Flickr:
Mayden Couture Xstreet:

I wear in all pics:

Skin: .:Hermony:. Kriz

Hair: MADdesignAituiExile

Green hat: “FA”Velor Hat(BOXED)

Shoes: SOREALHoorenbeek

Eyeglasses: FNKY! FreeBase (Black)

Jacket: *Mayden couture* – Daniel 1

Pants: *Mayden coiture* – Jim 5

Outfit: *Mayden couture* – Adam

Shirt: *Mayden couture* – Robert green  Jacket

Shirt: *Mayden couture* – Mike white

Pants: *Mayden couture* – ALEX 6



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