Too accessoried 4 u

Skin: <TheAbyss> [ SKIN ][ Adam Crius_Deep Tan ][ Chin Beard ]

Hair: a.C – STD.GloXhair PUNK.decision [MochA]

Eyes: Poetic colors pc eyes by LL – autumn – early frost

Shirt: [HUZ] Tees (New from Huz tats …now available in the store)

Pants and belt: (parts of) .:A&M:. Reaction Outfit – DTCH version gift from Chimney hunt

Shoes: Kboots– black

Tattoo: [HUZ]-Kanji Krazy-1-(UBD)

Piercing: [ skream! ] “Nailed” male piercing

Bracelet: [ skream! ] “ritual” goth bracelet (male)

Pose: Glitterati M- 08

[ skream! ] The Dolly Program
Don’t forget to collect dollies at [ skream! ]  stores to get exclusive items available to redeem via dollies. Every item that you buy over 100L at the mainstore will have the number of dollies that go with the amount:
• 100L – 199L = 1 Dolly
• 200L – 299L = 2 Dollies
• 300L – 399L = 3 Dollies
• 400L – 499L = 4 Dollies
• 500L – 599L = 5 Dollies
• and so on and so forth…

Go to mainstore @ Existence where you may see the items available and get more infos

This december Gift Card service is available from HUZ tats .. a nice Christmas gift for you or your friends!

HUZ tats Mainstore:


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