Hello guys finally i’m here to introduce CheerNo’s lateest releases!

In October CheerNo Destiny released his fall line titled “Montage”.  And today 13th October has released his new collection “Deuil”! Here are some of the pieces of these beautiful collections:


Outfit: CheerNo Montage   – Retrage (includes Shirt w collar and yellow sleeve,jeans with sculpty parts eyeglasses and a basket full of toy bricks!).Montage as the word says means a “composition” that combines Legos, cotton candy, lollipops and hats, with bright vibrant yellows, greens, purples and blues.

skin: *DEN-DOU Boys* Jiro -Bronz- /01 Clean

hair: CheerNo.HairDesing –  FANDORE GOLDENS


Outfit: CheerNo.Deuil – Breack . This urban mix includes a deep grey wool blazer, a matching black undershirt with sculpted rolled up shirt sleeves complete with the elegant black tie.

skin: [ATOMIC] MSkin_VIP_Tan (no more available)

hair: CriCri-mHat03-MHOH (from Make Him Over Hunt # 51)

Deuil means Mourning in French. And much like a funeral this line is far more serious, somber and darker than previous lines.


Also wearing Kalnins Footwear – Terra  … one of the latest releases from Kalnins fashion!

11 colors all included – resize script – toggle Glow/Shininess on/off


outfit: CheerNo.Deuil – Blesser …a classical college style light grey wool jacket is worn over a white shirt with black tie and sculpted rolled up sleeves completed by the trendy shiny slack half pants and grey wool socksv and an eye catching sculpted sparkling gemstone eye piece that won’t go unnoticed.

skin: [ATOMIC] MSkin_VIP_Tan (no more available)

hair: CheerNo.HairDesing –  FRAY GOLDENS

shoes: [*RG*] Athlete Sneakers -Black/Grey-

Hope you’ll enjoy this new review! Run to CheerNo★HOMME.Couture mainstore:

Official blog:



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